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odbc / dsn
Create ODBC / DSN

    To create new DSN for Access / SQL and Excel database:

1) Upload the database to the database ( \db ) directory owned by web admin. The \db folder is created when a web site is created for the web admin.

2) Login into control panel as your web admin.

3) Click on the ODBC DSN option, present in left frame. Follow the steps bellow in displayed interface

4) Below Existing FTP Virtual Roots heading, you will see the server side directory listing of his database directory, click on the desired directory link.

5) Database files ( If present any ) will be displayed in the selection list box. you can expand the folder by clicking on the expand button also.

6) Select the file name displayed in selection list box, for which you want to create system DSN.

7) In the DSN Name box, write the desired DSN name.

8) In the Description box, give the brief description about the database.

9) From the drop down list, select the desired database type ( Access or Excel ). For now only MS SQL, Access and Excel database can be registered. The rest will be added latter.

10)Click on Add DSN button, as the result DSN will be created.



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