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"Timberland support is hands down the best customer service I've ever encountered."

"Great service, Great support not a single problem.  Also loved the fact that they accept payment via my Paypal account."


Timberland Hosting was started to provide low cost hosting to personal and small business websites. With Timberland Hosting you can expect to receive more personal service than you will receive with the larger web hosting providers.

Network Operations Center
Our state of the art Network Operations Centre (NOC) is the focal point in Timberland Hosting's activities. This exceptional facility, which is manned 24 hours per day, seven days per week by both technical staff and security, monitors Timberland Hosting's entire network and co-location facilities. The NOC also oversees all company systems and equipment to provide enhanced downtime protection and maximum network performance.
Our facilities have been specifically designed and constructed as Internet hosting facilities, providing you with the most suitable physical environment in which to host your site. Each facility has been pre-wired with 100 Base-T Cat5 wiring, enabling a new customer's 100mb/sec Fast Ethernet connection to be fully functional within a matter of minutes.

Each facility is fully outfitted with emergency generator power that is available to all customers. In addition to anti-static flooring and pre-action systems for fire suppression, each of our facilities is climate controlled using multiple air conditioning units safeguarded by emergency generator power. Our facilities also utilize distributed Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) so there is never a possibility of downtime.
Timberland Hosting has implemented procedures to ensure that our security, like our network, is absolutely redundant. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) and co-location facilities are patrolled round the clock by a private security firm. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has been installed in the Data Center, and all access points are monitored continuously by our Network Operations staff.

Our clients have unescorted, round the clock access to their equipment using personalized security access cards. Access to all doors is monitored, recorded and time stamped on a card by card basis. Admittance to the co-location facilities and adjacent co-location facility is through a highly secure man trap, featuring both key card and keypad access, monitored continuously by personnel and security cameras.
Our systems and network
Timberland Hosting's world-class network has been designed to support and enhance your mission-critical e-business applications. We provide you with the fastest, most direct network connections through an internal network that is connected directly to the major Internet backbones.

Our 100% Cisco powered internal network prioritizes high performance and redundancy. State of the art, fault tolerant software utilizes Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), guaranteeing that in the event that a router or router port fails, the hot standby router will take over within a maximum of 40 seconds.

Timberland Hosting high performance and redundant backbone network connects all of our Internet Data Centers using multiple high-speed OCn lines. With the ever-growing number of latency-sensitive applications such as Voice Over IP, Video Streaming and Conferencing, and a multitude of other client server applications, route diversity is a key component in ensuring Internet connectivity is fast and always available.

We continuously monitor Internet bandwidth usage, allowing us to scale in anticipation of your needs. We consistently maintain our bandwidth at five times our average sustained usage. When our usage goes up, we buy more bandwidth to prevent the possibility of a bottleneck. The bottom line? There's always more than enough bandwidth available, so your connection is always up, and always fast.

At Timberland Hosting, we strive to be constantly expanding our network in ways that further enhance performance for our customers. For example, we are the only network that has a direct connection between Seattle and Vancouver, via our private clear channel link. Timberland Hosting is part of the BC Internet Exchange (BCIX) and the Seattle Internet exchange (SIX), both of which enhance connectivity and performance to locally available national and international carriers.
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