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So what is all this CHMOD Stuff  in my scripts? It is a UNIX term for set permissions the Calculator below will translate CHMOD in to NT/WINDOWS permissions for you You can then set them in your control panel.
Permission Owner Group Other


To set  file and folder permissions:

  1. Login into control panel as reseller.
  2. Click on the Folder Security option, present in left frame, new contents will be loaded into right frame.
  3. Select the folder for which you want to set the update / set permission by selecting the folder name and clicking the Select Folder button
  4. Click Permissions button, the screen will show you the current permissions on the selected folder. you may add or remove permissions by clicking Add User or Remove User buttons

    Select the file or folder you want to change permissions on, then click Select. The name of the file or folder will appear in the File / Folder box. Click Permissions to go to the File Permissions page, where you can view and set permissions for the file or folder.

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